Covid-19: The Recommended Action Is Essential

Dr. Djuwari
Dosen STIE Perbanas Surabaya,
President of International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers (IASPER)

The data of Covid-19 ourbreak around the world has reached its peak as it is reported and updated worldwide by the World Health Organization (WHO). As based on the data (15/4/2020), it indicates a quiet high figure on, especially, the confirmed cases. The figure shows 1,918,138 confirmed cases, 123,126 confirmed deaths, and 123 countries, areas of cases. It is the WHO report version today. We might not be absolutely sure especially the confirmed death cases throughout the world. It can be more than that figure.

Today, the most critical polemic is about the issue of racism. Yet, the most urgent problem is how to handle this worldwide outbreak, not the battle of racism case. It has been reported in some media, that it is not ethical to state the covid-19 by naming it using the name of a certain city or country. It is said to be racism.
The analyst, Jessie Young (CNN, Hongkong, January 31, 2020) said that the covid-1- outbreak fueling racism and xenophobia. And, this has been a big issue around the world. When the virus is named by using a certain city or country, it is unethical and that is why racism. Why do we have to focus on this case?

Unlike CNN, Hongkong, the Guardian (April/8/2020), as it was stated by the analyst, Kenya Evelyne, in Washington, that there is also an issue of racism concerning the inequality of treatment. Mostly, the victims of covid-19, in the USA are the African-American people. A critique is imposed on racism dealing with health treatment. It can be due to health care related to health equipment and other facilities. This is another sensitive issue.

The issues above should not be put forward as the priority for the world concern. The most urgent today is how to slow the covid-19 outbreak down. How to slow it down is the most important thing. The impact of covid-19 is very disastrous in economic conditions. All the nations are brought into recession when this virus outbreak cannot be tackled quickly.

As WHO suggested, all the nations should have the same measures against Covid-19. How to flatten the curve in every country is the most important action. It is not so important when haggling about the racism issue. We have to give it to the related world organ to investigate what the covid-19 is and where was it originated. We do not necessarily have to do it. How to have uniform measures as recommended by WHO is more important. It can lead to slow the virus outbreak down.

By doing so, our focus is on the crucial case: the outbreak, not on quarreling against each other around the issue of racism. WHO provides us with the best measures against the covid-19 outbreak. As WHO is concerned with health experts, their recommendation must be applicable, workable, and reasonable.

The impact on national economic conditions is really miserable. When all the nations are in the same bad economic condition, it will drag into jeopardy: world recession. The end critical problem is the most disastrous recession around the globe. And, this is the key to ponder for all of us, the nations around the world.

It is imperative that we stop quarreling on the racism case. Instead, we have to focus on how to slow the covid-19 down. Remember the world recession in economic condition. It is more disastrous when we do not have the same measure of tackling this corona outbreak. (*)


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