A Visit to MGNU Malaysia for Collaboration


Indonesiapos.news : During two days, (28-29/5/2024), Dr. Drs. Djuwari, M.Hum, Associate Professor from Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA), Indonesia visited Manipal GlobalNxt University (MGNU), Malaysia. He was accompanied by Dr. Muhammad Syaikhon, a lecturer of Early Childhood Education, also from UNUSA.

The visit was welcomed warmly by Dr. Dalwinder Kaur Dhillon, the senior lecturer and program Coordinator from MGNU, Malaysia. They discussed the possibility of future collaboration. They also signed a MoA (Memorandum of Agreement). We can offer some training of online learning materials designs to the lecturers of UNUSA. Dr. Dhillon said to Dr. Djuwari after the discussion on Wednesday 29, May 2024.

Besides training, they can also do some collaboration dealing with research on education. Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Djuwari are actually in the same fields, in Education, and also Englih Language Teaching (ELT) Education. They both can talk about English Language Teaching (ELT). AS you told me recently, that you can also provide research on ELT so that we can do it together in the near future. Dr. Djuwari said to Dr. Dhillon.

Manipal GlobalNxt University (MGNU), Malaysia has experienced in online learning and they have got not only undergraduate program but also Master Degrees and Doctorate Degrees as well. For that reason, according to Dr. Dhillon, there is also a chance for Dr. Djuwari from UNUSA to be one of the advisors of the dissertation for the students of MGNU.

Thank you very much for the token given to us and hope we can meet you in Indonesia. Dr. Djuwari said while receiving a souvenir from Dr. Dalwinder Kaur Dhillon at the end of the discussion. Then, they went for lunch together with Dr. Rana Altounjy also from MGNU. (Bas/Dju).


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